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How to Critique a Journal Article

How to Critique a Journal Article Properly

If you want to know how to critique a journal article correctly, you should follow these recommendations. Constructive criticism is a very important phenomenon in modern science. Each student should know how to critically appraise a journal article. This skill will help you learn how to express your opinion and analyze the ideas of other authors. In order to start working in this genre, it is necessary to understand what a journal article is. Many scientific publications release works written by students, professors, and famous scholars. A journal article critique implies an analysis of the work with the identification of its weaknesses and strengths and significance in modern science. To create a successful critical material, you need to know how to cite a journal article to demonstrate the examples of the text properly.

How to Analyze APA Journal Article

APA journal article is one of the most common styles of writing a scientific text. The authors of works on social and human sciences use such a format. Therefore, articles written in this style may be found in many publications. Working on a critical review, you need to analyze the abstract first and find out whether the author of the work defined the topic, purpose, and methods of his or her research correctly. This small part of the article should contain key information. If you do not agree with the writer, write about it in your critical report. Do not forget to use APA citation for a journal article. Read a special methodical guide to learn how to cite a journal article APA. Specify the name of the author, the title of the article and the year of publication in accordance with the rules of formatting. After you study the abstract, you can begin to criticize the article itself. Start with the introduction and then analyze each paragraph, paying attention to the most important data.

MLA Journal Article Critique

The rules of criticizing MLA journal article are very similar to the recommendations for analyzing the text written in the APA style. First, you need to read the whole text, catch the essence of the work and understand the key principles that the author used. Then you need to examine each thesis separately. Note the most important words and phrases to create the correct MLA citation for a journal article. On the Internet, you can find a special guide to learn how to cite a journal article MLA. Make sure that the writer used the correct format in his or her work. Pay attention to the grammar and punctuation marks. If you notice any inaccuracies, indicate this in your analysis.
Undoubtedly, the content and the main idea are the most important things in a scientific article. If the author considers minor issues and touches on the main problem issue only indirectly, such a text cannot claim the title of a scientific article. Remember about this aspect when creating your critical analysis. You should explore the following points:

  • Is the article named correctly? Does the title correspond to its content?
  • What is its value?
  • Is the article written properly? Is the topic exhausted enough?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses of the work?
  • Is there a list of sources used?
  • What are the language and the style of presentation?

Helpful Tips

  • The author must justify his or her opinion by reasoned analysis.
  • The quality of criticism depends on the theoretical and professional knowledge of the writer, the depth of understanding of the subject matter, the ability of objective analysis, responsibility and efficiency.
  • The language of critical analysis must be literate, professional and consistent.
  • Make censorious remarks, but do not forget to note the merits of the submitted materials.