How to Answer Interview Questions

In order for the interview  to be in your favor, you need to prepare for it properly. To begin with, you must be ready for the usually asked questions. 

  • What Can You Tell about Yourself?

Here you need to tell about your success and achievements. Pay attention to your education and skills. Focus on the fact that you are very interested in this particular area of activity, in which the company is engaged. The answer should be clear.

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  • Why Did You Leave Your Previous Job?

It is necessary to prepare a properly formulated answer to this question. In no case, you should blame the management of your former job for your dismissal. Thereby you will demonstrate your weaknesses. There may be the following answer options: an inconvenient location, frequent changes of the manager, inconvenient work schedule, lack of professional growth, and so on.

  • What Exactly Caused Your Interest in Our Company?

Here you can use the answers from the previous question, that is, to say that you can solve the problems that you had in your previous workplace in this company. Alternatively, you can name any other reasons that prompted you to do this.

  • What Were Your Responsibilities at the Previous Job?

When answering this question, you need to tell what tasks you performed previously. You can also supplement your answer with the information about participation in any projects, achievements, and awards received by you.

  • What Can You Tell about Your Weaknesses and Strengths?

Try to name those positive qualities that the employee needs in the position that you want to get. Do not forget to mention your hard work, punctuality, and responsibility.

  • What Salary Would You Like to Have in This Position?

When answering this question, it is recommended mentioning the amount slightly higher than the average salary. If you choose a low salary, then the employer may get the impression that you have low self-esteem or you are a bad employee. If you mention, on the contrary, high wages, you can make an impression of a very ambitious and proud person.

  • What Information about Our Company Do You Know?

The answer to this question requires good preparation. Before you go to an interview with the company, find out as much information about it as possible.

  • What Are Your Criteria for Choosing a Job?

The answer should be short and comprehensive: career growth, decent wages, a good cohesive team, convenient work schedule, office location, opportunity to improve skills, and so on.

  • Do You Have Any Questions to Us?

Be sure to ask at least a couple of questions. It is important. After all, if the applicant has no questions to the future employer, perhaps he or she is simply not very much interested in this job. Here you can ask about your responsibilities, probation, career growth, and so on.

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Factors Negatively Affecting the Result of Your Interview

The potential employer will not appreciate the following moments at the interview:

  • the untidy appearance of the applicant;
  • outright lies;
  • the smell of alcohol or cigarettes;
  • the applicant’s mobile phone ringing during the interview;
  • excessive silence;
  • arrogance.

Conducting a dialogue with the employer at the interview, you should not delve into your personal life. It should not relate to work. Keep all the details with you. Remember that you should always be yourself and give only truthful information.

Having prepared in advance for the interview and having thought out all the answers and counter questions, as well as your behavior when talking with the supervisor, you will significantly increase your chances of getting the desired position.

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Things You Should not Say about at the Interview

The main mistake of the applicant on the interview is giving rash answers to the questions. Sometimes a candidate simply exaggerates his or her possibilities too much or uses lies. Consider the main errors of the applicants at the interview.

  • The candidate talks too much. Do not do this. It is necessary to answer briefly.
  • You should not ask on the interview about the company’s activities. You must be aware of its affairs.
  • It is not necessary to put forward a list of your requirements.
  • You should not criticize your past bosses.