Case Study Development

Case Study Development

One the most assigned writing tasks in college is case study analysis. It is a complex task that requires specific analytic skills. Writing this assignment may become a real problem for many students. This task is connected to analyzing a specific case and looking for a particular problem solution. Our article will provide you with information on what case study is.

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Defining Case Study

Case study is a research that discusses some particular subject. In order to deal with this assignment properly, you will have to perform a deep analysis of the issue under discussion. Such approach will help you understand the problem and lead to proper case study development.

Case study is usually presented in a form of a story that describes some company, its activities, etc. The case later leads to some particular question/s that a student needs to answer.

Why Are Case Studies Important?

The importance of case studies lies in the fact that they serve as an effective tool for understanding of business processes and for making the customers trust you. If the case study contains some information about your customer, you can use it to show how to make the cooperation more effective.

Besides, case studies can also be used as an example of how to behave in certain situations to avoid problems. In such way, case studies help to educate people how to perform better and how to improve particular skills important for making business processes more effective.

Case Study Types

There are different types of case studies. They can be divided into categories, including explanatory case studies, critical, illustrative, explanatory, instrumental and cumulative case studies, as well as multiple and collective case studies. Their aim is also different. While some case studies are called to provide more information on the case, others are focused at investigative and understanding some causal relationship.

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8 Steps on the Way to Superb Case Study Writing

There are 8 case study steps that need to be considered in the process of case study development. They include:

  1. To realize what type of case study is most appropriate for your audience

Depending on your aim, you can choose different types of case studies. For example, if you are trying to show what has been done for your client, you should choose illustrative case study type. On the contrary, if your intention is to provide some evidence, you should focus on exploratory or cumulative type.

  1. Choose a subject

This step entails choosing what you are going to write about in your case study. The main subject of your paper may be organization, its client, etc.

The question to consider at this step if you are writing about the customer may include:

  • To what extent is your product used by the client?
  • What kind of experience did they get using your product?
  • Do they continue using it or do they work with competitors?

This information can be obtained in the following ways:

  • You can address sales team in your company to ask for necessary information.
  • Customer support department can provide you with data on a number of satisfied customers and the ones that are not.
  • Check how many new customers use your services or buy your products.
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  1. Look for appropriate information

After the previous steps are completed, you need to look for information to include in your case study. Do not start writing at once, as you will need to talk to different people to gather reliable and truthful information and check many sources.

  1. Prepare interviews with people, if necessary, to make proper conclusions for your case study

In order to complete this step, you will need to think about people who can be the most helpful. If you are writing about the clients, you should interview them; if you are writing about organization, talking to management will be a good idea.

  • Focus on interviewing people who are close to your subject. These can be specialist currently working in the field, or people directly connected to the discussed processes or products.
  • Choose whether to interview one person or a group of people. If you need more information to complete your case study, you will need to talk to more than one person. If you need to approach the subject from a subjective viewpoint, interviewing one person will be a better choice.
  • Try to get as much information as possible to make your case study informative. The more information you process, the more credible it will be.

  1. Prepare a questionnaire 

After a person or a group of people agreed to participate in your project case study, you should prepare a clear and properly structured questionnaire.

It is one of the best tools for making interviews, which will help you obtain necessary information fast.

Here are some suggested case study questions:

  • Why did you start using our product?
  • Why did you choose our product over but not the one of the competitor?
  • Did it help you solve your problems?
  • What is the goal of your organization?
  • Do you share data about your success?

The questions may differ depending on your subject and final goal of your case study. Besides, you may include other questions if you need specific answers to find out about this issue or another.

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  1. Start writing your case study using the collected information:
  • Make sure your case study follows a simple structure: Introduction (it provides general information on your case study), background information (what the case is about and why it is important), presentation (this section provides the main findings of your research), conclusion (final summary that provides references and data).
  • The beginning of you case study (Introduction section) should set the tone of the whole paper. It should raise a question that will be discussed and explained later in the question. One of the ways to start your introduction is to provide some quote from the interview that suit the topic best.
  • The second section is a background information section. It explains what the purpose of the case study it, why did you select a specific group of people for interview, why your problem needs to be addressed and why it is important to solve it, etc. If you need to make your case study more vivid, you can include different graphs, photos, etc.
  • Next step is providing clear explanation of your presented topic. This section entails working with information obtained from the interviews and from other sources. You need to discuss the visions of customers or organization management on the issue. Provide statistical data, numbers, etc. Pay attention to the particular problem, different solutions that were tried and did not help solve the issues and to the reasons why it happened like that.
  • The final section is dedicated to presenting a solution. It does not mean that you have to provide a single way of solving the problem because you may not know whether this solution will work. You need to cover the issue to the fullest to make the readers understand the case and provide your vision on how to overcome the problem. If you reach your aim, the readers may come up with their own solutions and engage in discussion on what way to choose.
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  1. Proofread your work

It is an important step that will help you in the process of your case study development. Correct misprints, grammar mistakes, check spelling and punctuation. Besides, pay attention to the flow of information and transitions between the sections.

You may also ask for additional assistance. It means that you can ask someone to read your case study and provide their opinion. It is useful because you simply may not see some simple mistakes and not even realize that some parts of your work may be confusing or difficult for understanding.

  1. Finalize your work

In order to make your case study look perfect, you should also pay attention to its design. Sure, each company has its own visual depending on brand. However, it may be useful to consider the following tips in regard to case study design.

  • Make sure you include some visuals
  • Use headings between case study sections to make it properly structured and easy to understand
  • Highlight information you need your readers to pay attention to
  • Consider using videos
  • If you work with particular people in your case study, you can include their personal information to show that your case is real and there are real people behind it.

Without doubt, case study writing is a complex process. You need to consider too many things and it is not surprising that some things may be omitted in the end. In order not to miss anything you should ask for case study writing help.

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