Capstone Project Definition

A capstone project should testify that the student has sufficiently mastered the basics of researching the problem (question). With this paper, learners prove that they can present their thoughts quite independently, on the basis of a critical study of the literature and analysis of sources.

A capstone project should be a creative work with the elements of scientific research and meet the requirements that apply to any scientific work (concerning content and form). It is the research approach to learning that makes students participants in the creative process, not passive consumers of ready-made information.

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Selection of the Research Topic

The choice of topic should be approached very thoughtfully. The student should try to take into account all aspects of the topic, such as relevance, research problems, and the availability of sources. One of the most important criteria in the selection of a topic is the availability of sources and literature. Often learners choose too broad topics, and in such cases, they always cannot explore them in detail.

The Structure of the Work

The structure of such a research work is the sequence of the location of its main parts, which include the main text, as well as all parts of the reference and accompanying apparatus (tables, graphs, programs). The total amount of work, excluding appendices, should be about 20 pages. Research is a creative activity, and there are no general universal rules and schemes by which it has to develop. However, any study consists of several mandatory techniques.

  • Problem statement (choice of research topic).
  • Hypothesis development.
  • Search and offer possible solutions.
  • Collection of material.
  • Analysis and synthesis of the data.

The Content of the Paper

Start writing your work with an introduction. This part of a capstone project usually should not exceed 5-7% of the paper volume. The introduction is a very important part of the work; it guides the reader in revealing the topic. It justifies the choice of the theme of a creative work, formulates the goals and objectives of the research. In this part of the essay, the author briefly formulates the relevance of the chosen topic, the object and subject of the research, the hypothesis, indicates the research methods, the theoretical and practical value of the obtained results, and the possibilities of their use. At the end of the introductory part, it is desirable to reveal the structure of the research work.

In the theoretical part of the work, an analysis of the theoretical material on this problem is given; the methodology and technique of the study are considered in detail.

In the research part of the project, the provisions formulated in the theoretical part are confirmed. The research part should show the ability to conduct independent observations, summarize them, and draw conclusions. The content of the chapters of the main part must fully comply with the main topic and disclose it.

The conclusion contains the results reached by the author in his or her creative work. The conclusions are not just a list of the obtained results, but the synthesis of the information accumulated in the main part. It is important to present the obtained results and their relationship with the goals and objectives set in the introductory part of the work.

List of References

Great attentiveness is required to compile a list of references and sources. The bibliography is a list of sources used by the author when writing a research work. It is one of the essential parts of the capstone project, which reflects the independent creative work of the writer. It should include only those sources that are referenced in the text or appendices, as well as a list of dictionaries if they were used in the preparation of the work. The names of researchers need to be placed in alphabetical order.

If necessary, you can place the appendices (tables, charts, maps, illustrations) after the list of used sources and literature. The numbering of pages, on which appendices are given, should continue the general numbering of the pages of the main text of the work.

Now you know how to write a good paper. However, if you do not have enough time, you can always count on a professional capstone project help.