Ready-made Biology Essay Topics

Unlike an ordinary essay, an extended essay requires in-depth research and huge commitment to garner more factual data that would serve as backup. With regard to a biology extended essay, you will also need to experiment in order to prove or refute the existing theories about a certain phenomenon or concept in biology in an original manner. The first step to a winning biology essay is a choice of a topic. If you are having a hard time picking a topic that would make your essay stand out, you can kick off by defining what branch of biology you are interested in. It is critical to write about stuff that you take an interest in because things that you are passionate about will motivate you to complete the task. If you still do not have the faintest idea where to start, you can flick through the biology extended essay topic ideas presented below. Maybe, they will help you to get a flash of inspiration.

1. Can the process of photosynthesis be viable without the sunlight?
2. The peculiarities of storing cow milk to avoid bad bacteria growth?
3. How does change of habitat influence a living organism?
4. In what ways do the land plants differ from aquatic ones?
5. The effect of various drugs on the functioning of the human brain.
6. The role of herbs in treating diseases.
7. Do painkillers have a damaging effect on the human organs?
8. Is there a link between genetics and obesity?
9. How does abortion impair women’s health?
10. The repercussions of abortion for the psychological health of females.
11. The effectiveness of the most prevalent birth control methods.
12. Implications of biological weapon for humanity?
13. Who benefits from biological weapon?
14. The most petrifying diseases to date and their impact on society.
15. Innovative approaches to dealing with phobias.
16. Why people must be aware of their blood type?
17. What are the risks behind receiving a transfusion of a blood of a different type?
18. How does technology help scientists work out the theory of brain cells transforming into a tumor?
19. Is a healthy diet able to facilitate substantial muscle development?
20. The impact of chemical additives on muscle development and the overall health.
21. The remarkable resemblance between human and animal cells.
22. Why sleep is as crucial as nourishment and how much sleep do people actually need?
23. Is it possible to outsmart the aging process?
24. The efficacy of holistic medicine.
25. Recent nature responses to climate change.

Other Pointers to Keep in Mind:

  • Before putting pen to paper, it is essential to determine the purpose of your writing. What do you aim to reach by means of this essay? Once you know the ultimate purpose of writing, you should make all possible efforts to fulfill it.
  • Make sure you had a good look at the guidelines and instructions that you were given.
  • Then draw up an outline using full sentences and get it approved by your academic advisor.
  • A biology extended essay usually presupposes a set of actions, namely thorough research, exploration, and analysis that would either confirm or disprove a theory in biology.
  • Prepare a bibliography list while writing.
  • Ensure that your ideas are sufficiently reinforced and your arguments are strong enough to be plausible.


Obviously, coming up with an interesting biology topic for your future extended essay is a no mean task. Luckily for you, you can always google and select a couple of options that you might consider for your paper. Usually, a strong topic is relevant, not well-researched and therefore requires some digging before you can actually make your points. Note that the above-mentioned extended essay topics are merely suggestions that you should not necessarily choose from. They are intended to give you an insight into how an effective biology topic should look like. Finally, while selecting a topic for your essay, you should focus on those that you are eager to explore.