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September 20, 2018 Business Report Example blog/business-report-example.html

Business report example can help you to learn how to write your business reports effectively even after having a brief discussion with your business partners or your boss. In fact, business report is a broad term and usually refers to any formal report written for any specific business purpose. Thus, even a meeting with your boss can require a business report, which you can learn to write faster with our formal business report examples. You may also be interested in business report example for students if you are stil...

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September 10, 2018 What Is a Review Article blog/what-is-a-review-article.html

What Is a Review Article and Why so Many Articles Are Written? 1. What Is a Review Article and Why It Is Needed? Articles vary depending on their content, publication source, authors, and audience, and thus a simple question arises: What is a review article and a common review article definition? The term is widely used to describe a critical analysis of a literary piece that helps students and researchers to understand and assess one or more important aspects of a discussed text. 2. About Review Articles Informa...

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September 04, 2018 How to Critique a Journal Article blog/how-to-critique-a-journal-article.html

How to Critique a Journal Article Properly If you want to know how to critique a journal article correctly, you should follow these recommendations. Constructive criticism is a very important phenomenon in modern science. Each student should know how to critically appraise a journal article. This skill will help you learn how to express your opinion and analyze the ideas of other authors. In order to start working in this genre, it is necessary to understand what a journal article is. Many scientific publications release works written by students, professors, and famous scholars. ...

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