Be Smart about Online Writing Services

All of us have been “ripped off” at one time or another. In these cases, we have probably purchased something from a television commercial or online that did not live up to our expectations. Either the product did not perform as advertised or it was shoddily made and broke soon after purchase. Perhaps we have purchased a used car that was falsely advertised as “in perfect condition.” The phrase, “Buyer, beware!” is a common piece of wisdom that should guide any of our purchases from unknown sources or for items that we know could contain serious flaws. This is especially true when students are attempting to purchase essays, papers and other academic writing works from online agencies that purport to be trustworthy and reliable.

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Locating an online writing service that will actually provide plagiarism-free writing that is also of high quality is not easy because every one of them promises these things. There are, however, certain clues to the veracity of a service’s quality and honesty, and students would be well-advised to look for them. The following list is provided by, one of the “good guys” in the academic writing industry so that students are not “ripped off” or enticed to pay hard-earned money for shoddy work and poor service.

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Here, you find proper, formal English text.  This is because only native English-speaking academicians operate and work for No one can purport to provide stellar academic writing, especially at the graduate level, if the grammar, style, and language usage are not perfect. Most other sites will reflect incorrect and/or improper use of the English language.  For graduate students, looking for high quality writing that conforms to the highest standards of academic writing; these sites should raise immediate suspicion. If poor English is used, it is probable that the site is operated by foreigners and that the writers they use are foreigners as well. A thesis or a dissertation is a document far too critical to trust to unreliable writing services.
The terms and conditions of our service are clear, definite and transparent. Each student will receive a fully qualified writer. You can communicate you’re your writer directly. In addition, a customer support is available around the clock to provide rapid response to questions or issues. All work produced by our writers is guaranteed to be plagiarism-free, ensured by a full plagiarism scan. All research is authentic and appropriate for the work produced and is verified by our editing staff. A client may, upon receipt of work, request one revision at no additional charge. You can apply for a free revision during two days after paper delivery. Also, we guarantee full confidentiality for all clients: the client becomes the sole owner of any work produced. Usually, we meet deadlines, or there is a money-back guarantee according to our policy. Terms and conditions, if they exist, are nebulous and vague. While they may promise originality, there is not proof provided. Their writers do not communicate with clients, and customer support personnel, if they exist, are often offline and cannot be contacted by phone. What is even worth, research is not verified, revisions usually result in additional cost, and deadlines are not met.
You will be able to contact live individuals by telephone, email, or through live chat and are able to discuss your need, request pricing quotes, or ask any questions.  Feel free to call us before you place an order. Generally, you will be able to communicate only through email or live chat, and you will discover that “customer support” is often offline.  This should raise suspicions, so, before placing an order, be certain that you communicate with someone and receive quick responses.
We insist that the individually assigned writer and client communicate and collaborate.  The production of complex graduate level works requires this, in order to be certain that the client ultimately receives exactly what s/he wants and that the writer has clear instructions and clarifications as needed. Such communication is not allowed, probably because the writer is not a native English-speaking academician. If you are unable to contact your writer personally, do not use the site.
Appropriate pricing necessitates flexibility, dependent upon several factors, including the type of academic writing involved, the amount and type of research required, the complexity of the overall task, and, of course, the required deadline.  A client will not find that is “cheap” in comparison with other services; a client will find that prices are reasonable for the quality of writing they would expect to receive from a principled and trustworthy organization. Often incompetent and unprincipled sites will offer prices that appear to be too much of a bargain, or they will provide a single price-per-page, no matter what the order entails.This is not reasonable pricing that reflects high quality, and students should beware of such services.
When you come to, you will discover that all of the criteria of an outstanding writing service are fully met. We have the best writers for any product at any level of study. We pay them well; we charge reasonable prices, and students walk away with a perfect original papers. Requests for a revision within 48 hours after deadline expiration are fully honored without additional charge. The “bottom line” here is that at, clients will find honest, integrity, and full transparency!