Affiliate Program

Every customer has the potential to benefit from our superb affiliate program. Any customer can join this program, which simply involves introducing one or more new customers to the services we offer. While you earn in the process – 10% per new order – every person you refer will get their first purchase with us at an attractively reduced price.

If it is the case you would like to join this lucrative scheme and start earning, you first need to have a user account with us. This is set up when you first place an order. Within this account area, you should find two options for referring other people. One is a special discount code and the other an affiliate link, either of which you may circulate among your friends by whichever method best suits you i.e. social media, email, messenger, and so on. If any person who receives a code or link from you chooses to use them while placing an order, the system will identify (and remember) that you are responsible for initiating the order.

Our order page will immediately be displayed when a person uses the promo code they received from you or clicks on the link you sent them. Upon filling out this order form, their discount code entitlement will be activated. This is the means by which any person you invited automatically qualifies for a reduction on their first order.

Once an order you initiate in this way is completed successfully and we have received payment from the customer, we give you a 10% share of that order. As your earnings accumulate, you may use them to pay in full or part for more orders with our company.

So, as shown above, it is very easy to participate in this win-win program. Just send an affiliate link or promotion code to other people. When they use the information they get from you, they benefit from a price reduction and you benefit from a share of the order price!

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