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Without a doubt, our company provides the most reputable and trustworthy custom writing services for students of all academic levels. Our affiliate program was specifically designed for customers who want not only to get quality writing services but also save money. With the help of affiliate program, which symbolizes respect and commitment to our regular clients, it has become possible to save money on our impeccable editing and writing services. Our company cares about you and your future academic accomplishments. Our affiliate program enables you to save money instead of merely spending on our services. Grab the chance to improve your grades.

If you are considering cooperation with our company and you want to enjoy all the benefits of our affiliate program, keep in mind that you will not only get quality custom writing but will also participate in the promotional campaign. This promotion will entail the procedure of sharing information about our company with others, particularly with peers, relatives, friends, group mates, etc. As such, when you choose our company, you will get custom writing services on the one hand and you will be able to save up your potential expenditures on the other hand.

What is Offered by Our Company:

  1. A bonus equaling to 10% for each ordered paper by a friend or classmate of yours.
  2. A discount of 17% to your friend or group mate for ordering a paper for the first time after your recommendation.

How to Use the Affiliate Program?

*In the “My friends’ email” please provide the email address of people who might find our services useful and helpful. The link attached will provide more detailed and specific information on the types of services our company offers.

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Advantages You Will Derive from Our Affiliate Program

The fundamental aspect of the program is that you will get a bonus for each first order placed by a new company’s client (i.e. the people who become our clients after your recommendation). The bonuses can be withdrawn in the money equivalent or be used as a payment option for the custom written papers. You can pay for the orders either fully or partially with the bonuses. For example, if you have enough bonuses to conduct payment for the whole order, off you go! However, if you lack enough bonuses, you may pay some part of the order with money and the other with bonuses.

Your dreams and wishes can be easily turned into reality. So, stay with our company and save your money, energy and efforts.

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