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      Proofreading is an important and final part of any writing process. You can let up-to-date software proofread your finished paper, however, even the most state-of-the-art program cannot ensure all the aspects to be perfect – is the paper smooth and readable and is its content totally adequate. It may point out your spelling mistakes and even pin point grammatical errors, but it will never be able to correct stylistic and contextual flaws.

      Proofreading is an essential stage of paper writing that should not be overlooked. At Exclusive Thesis we offer you professional proofreading services of real proofreading and editing experts.

      Writers tend to work fast. When the writer is in a flow, the text may come with errors and misprints which as a rule are not noticed during the check. This is normal, and this is the main reason why proofreading is essential. A third person will always spot mistakes more easily than the authors themselves. Exclusive Thesis offers a professional proofreading service to help writers concentrate on their task knowing that the final result will be absolutely perfect.

      We understand the efforts you have made to complete your academic paper – be it a piece of coursework or a thesis. Indeed, we have all been through the same process! At we employ only the most qualified and most experienced proofreaders and editors we can find.

      They will make sure that all the efforts and energy you have dedicated to your project were not spent in vain. Your hard work must be rewarded! We guarantee that all the spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors will be detected and corrected, and your paper content will be smooth and concise. Our proofreading service is discreet, and we guarantee that any information provided will not be disclosed to any one else.

      Once we have proofread your paper, it will be free of any mistakes, guaranteed. We are experts in this field. We have worked hard to earn a reputation which we intend to maintain. No software available can match the professionalism, dedication and diligence of our team of proofreading experts.

      Excellent proofreading requires a consummate understanding of the topic and language in which it is written. At our proofreading team has all the necessary features to make a perfect paper in all respects.

      Our company manages to combine top quality services with reasonable prices. We offer this service at a very reasonable rate. Beware of cheap imitations which will almost certainly provide you with a second class service.

      Each of our team members is a graduate professional and native English speaker from the UK, USA, or Canada. We stick to a very strict anti-plagiarism policy and we firmly believe that every written work should be original. If the extracts are used directly from other sources they will always be properly referenced and sourced. We will ensure that your finished product is clear, concise, original, and free of any errors.

      We know you have put so much effort in researching and writing your paper. Now let the professionals add the finishing touch!

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