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If you have decided to order a dissertation or thesis at Exclusive, first of all you have to fill in the order form. You are to mention the topic of the paper and give your main requirements. As soon as you receive the confirmation of your order proceed with the payment. The price will depend on three issues: first, the level of difficulty of your research, second, the number of pages, and third, the urgency of your order. As you can see the procedure is rather simple. If you accept our conditions, you only have to fill in your name, e-mail address and your specifications for the project. In a few minutes you will receive an e-mail notification with the price of the order. All you need to do is to make a payment, and from that moment you can forget about all the procedures and additional payments – there are no at Exclusive Thesis.

When all the details are cleared and the payments are arranged, your project is assigned to a writer with appropriate qualification. Every writer at Exclusive Thesis is specialized in a certain academic field. But the qualification is not enough. A good writer is an experienced writer. Our experts have years of experience in specialized thesis and dissertation writing. That means that a writer specifying on economics will never be assigned to the biology project. You will get a paper developed by the specialist possessing relevant knowledge and experience in your field.

Once the writer has been assigned, you will receive a confirmation which will inform you about the beginning of the research. Without wasting a minute, a writer will begin a thorough research of the topic. Our experts take information from various sources with current and valuable data. Our writers have access to a wide range of databases; this allows them to make a thorough and deep research. In spite of extensive researching possibilities of our staff your point of view is very important for us. You can also specify your guidelines and preferences. If you want, our writers can base their research on the only source you have chosen. After having completed the research the writer will start working on the composition. No matter what stage of the work our writer is at you will be informed about the process. We provide you with the possibility to stay in touch with your writer anytime.

After the work on the project is finished your dissertation goes through the thorough editing procedure. This is made to remove any flaws from the paper. All the types of errors (linguistic, grammatical, and stylistic) are removed on this stage. After that we proceed with another type of checking to make sure that the paper is free of any plagiarism and duplication. The paper is scanned a few times via special up-to-date software which detects every case of plagiarism.

When the paper is edited and perfectly formatted it is sent to your e-mail as a Microsoft Word document. You can also download the dissertation by yourself from your personal account on our site.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your paper from Exclusive Thesis. That is why we offer you a possibility to demand reviewing or editing of some issues. During 2 days you can ask for revisions and editions absolutely for free. This possibility is ensured by our Free Revision Policy. We want to make sure that the dissertation or thesis you have purchased at ExclusiveThesis.commeets all your requirements. We also understand that it may take some time to reread the whole paper, so during the 30-days period you are free to ask for the additional revising or editing for the 20+ pages papers. All the papers you have sent us for the improvement will be sent back to you in the perfect form according to the deadline you specify.

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