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A Treasure Found

The apartment I had moved into was cheap, mostly because the previous tenant had never moved his belongings out. The landlord told me that as long as I cleaned the place out, I could move in and the first month's rent would be free and being a poor ...

Career Profile: Civil Engineer

Civil engineering is primarily the field in which an engineer plans, designs and supervises construction of public structures. However this definition has changed in recent years and the work of a civil engineer can cover many areas. Civil ...

Class v. Race

Racial discrimination is widely touted as the core reason behind limiting opportunities available to minority groups. From Jim Crow laws of the past to affirmative action at universities, race is always the center of argument and conflict wherein ...

Cultural Differences in Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner”

Literature has the capacity to provide insight into cultures from around the world. In the books one reads and the stories one hears, glimpses of different worlds become apparent and one is able to see how the different aspects of a culture work ...

Dining Out

Dining out can be a fun experience or one of disappointment and dread. Unlike preparing a meal at home, dining out includes the ingredients of a different ambience, being catered to, a fresh menu, and of course not having to clean up. But dining out ...

Discrimination of Jews during the Rise of the Roman Papacy

The formation of Medieval Europe between 300 and 1100 CE is known informally as the early Middle Ages, a period which saw the decline of classical civilization as well as the fall of Rome. It is a period marked by the barbarian invasions and the ...

Drug Use in College

College can be a wonderful experience in the path to adulthood and social maturity. It is a time of finding identities, gaining the valuable skills and knowledge to succeed in one's career and to make friendships and acquaintances that will carry on ...

Lowering the Drinking Age to 18

Drinking among the American youth in an inevitable reality. Alcohol consumption should not be prohibited but rather youth should be educated and encouraged to drink less because restricting drinking among youth under 21 is unrealistic. There are ...

Some Things Are Better Learned Through Experience

As we grow up we learn lots of things. From our mothers we learn manners and from our fathers we learn how to climb trees and how to throw a ball. Our parents teach us to take our first steps, how to tie our shoes and how to write our names. When ...

The Individual and Society

What do we mean by the terms "angel of contradiction" and "status inequality"?The "angel of contradiction" refers to Christians who are also homosexual and accept homosexual behavior. Because the Christian church does ...

Tired is Another Monday Morning

It's Monday morning and you have hit the snooze button on the alarm five times which means it's too late to take a shower and if you don't get out of bed now, you'll also miss your ride. So you roll out of your sleep, grab a clean shirt and look for ...

Women In Society: Continuous Fight Against Prejudice and Discrimination

This paper discusses and analyzes the development of women's role in the modern society, which is, unfortunately, still characterized by the prejudice and discrimination of females, especially in the workplace. The economic cost of being female is ...

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